The Hudson Auto Group Getting the message heard on youtube

Progressive creative and brand recall on the rise

The Challenge

The last thing anyone wants to do when they click on a YouTube video is watch the ads that inevitably stream before the video starts. Though if done right, pre-roll ads can be a highly effective way to promote your brand in a short amount of time. The dealership came to us wanting to create pre-roll ads that would be memorable, that would actually be watched.

The Approach

Video content is a driving force for the automotive business, but when it comes to pre-roll videos, view-through rates are typically low. Most people click the Skip Ad button on YouTube videos as soon they can, so we had to grab viewers in a matter of seconds.

Keeping it Simple and to the Point

Our strategy to hold the viewer’s attention was playful video clips of puppies, “fails”, and general silliness accompanied by the client’s logo and a witty sales pitch. They were simple and to-the-point, but overall an effective concept. And people watched. A lot of people.

Grabbing Attention in a Sea of Sameness

According to Google, a view-through rate (VTR) of 15 is great, yet the pre-roll videos we created for Hudson have been getting VTRs of 30 and better. The dealer has gotten recognition for progressive creative and brand recall is on the rise. The work also won a silver award from the American Advertising Awards. In a category known for a “sea of sameness” DOM360 client are standing out.

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Let's Get Started Tell us a little about yourself. If you don't mind.


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