Karl Malone Auto Group Delivering Results For Karl Malone

Leveraging the best of traditional and digital

The Challenge

Karl Malone, or the Mailman as he is known, is an NBA legend, considered by many to be one of the best power forwards in the league’s history. These days he owns a number of auto dealerships in the Salt Lake City metro area. The dealership group approached DOM360 back in 2015 looking for an integrated marketing approach that combined the best of both traditional and digital mediums.

The Approach

We did what we do best and that is go to work. Using the proven agency approach of developing an annual budget, mapping out KPI’s, and developing strategic messaging that differentiates the dealer DOM360, put together a comprehensive marketing plan. In addition to print, TV and digital, we regularly create outdoor messages for the Jumbotron at the Toyota dealership.

Modern Solutions for the Modern Dealer

We recently were asked to help promote their “You Buy, We Fly” program. It’s a service that provides free delivery to customers who purchase a new vehicle online. Like our other work, we approached promoting the new service with a combination of a clever and memorable television spot, specials in e-blasts and SEO focused pages on their sites to deliver a consistent message across all channels.

A Partnership that Works

The Karl Malone Automotive Group is the perfect example of a client that is a true partner. Leveraging both modern solutions and proven tactics the dealership is flourishing in an uncertain market. Not only has that program been a success, but since partnering with DOM360, the dealerships have realized 8% growth year over year.

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