Digital Advertising

Whatever your origin story may be in the automotive industry, you probably didn’t expect that the majority of your business would come from digital advertising. Running your dealership’s many social media profiles and monthly, sometimes weekly, ads can be overwhelming, especially since there is a multitude of promoting options available that require months of planning and strategy. And that’s where we come in. DOM360 has more than 15 years of experience in digital advertising, and we’re adapting daily to understand the latest trends. We’re also one of only seven National Preferred Digital Marketing Partners of BOTH the Toyota and Lexus brands, so you can trust our team has been vetted at the highest level. Don’t let your business fall behind — give your dealership a leg up over the competition with the team at DOM360 at your side.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is vital to a successful business. Promoting your products or services online through SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages, and paid marketing campaigns, like Google Ads, can result in satisfied customers and well-rested dealers. Our competitors may talk big talk when it comes to SEM, but DOM360 has the track record to prove that not only can we handle it, we can make it explode. Our agency is a Facebook and Google Premier Partner and a Microsoft Ads specialist, plus our team has been Google Ads certified. But it’s not just about our accolades — we can give your business the boost it deserves by incorporating trending research, client data, keyword search volume and suggested bids specific to your market. Just wait and see.


Videos are meant to be enjoyed, not skipped. Trust DOM360 to handle your dealership’s message with professionalism and care. From on-location shoots (including  drones) to in-studio production (with green screens and other controlled elements), our video team has worked in a variety of environments, but the attention to detail never wavers. Each aspect of the video — lighting, sound, editing, scripts, graphics, animation and talent — should enhance your content and compel your audience. From 30-second TV commercials and 15-second pre-roll ads to Facebook spots and why-buy short videos, we have several formats to choose from to best display your services. Elevate your brand with content that looks and sounds just the way you want it to so that you stand out in this crowded market.


Social media is here to stay. A profile on Facebook or TikTok can feel just as important as having a car yourself — and no, we’re not kidding. We can help you attract new followers on Instagram, engage your current friend list on Facebook and create eye-catching, customized videos for your TikTok feed. Whether we’re writing a social post to highlight an upcoming event at your dealership or crafting an ad to showcase the latest incentives, consider us your social media experts. With our own programs or the latest third-party lead generating systems, we’re able to gather data to better target potential buyers, which results in more conversions. Expand your business across a multitude of social platforms, including YouTube, and watch your business grow.


Dynamic search. Dynamic display. Vehicle listings. Dynamic video. All the makings of our Dynamic Suite Solutions, a comprehensive ad package that’s proven to increase our clients’ visibility and reach their sales goals. We tailor creative to each individual dealer, write compelling copy to attract attention and strategize which format will best display the offers, models or why buys to targeted shoppers. Whether it’s your first time listing your brand online or you’ve been writing your own ads for years, the team of experts at DOM360 will guide you at every step of the way, providing tools and experience to enhance your marketing strategy and move inventory from your lot to your customers’ driveways.


We talk a good bit about our creative around here. It’s because DOM360 isn’t your average advertising agency, just like you’re not just an average dealership. We approach every client’s goal — whether that’s emptying their pre-owned vehicle lot or generating more interest in OEM parts — with unique, customized creative that makes their message pop. One of DOM360’s core values is Creative Innovation, so from the account executive running your account to the copywriter crafting content for your biweekly eBlast, we’re all working together to solve our clients’ business needs. Without our one-of-a-kind creative, there would be no DOM360.

fixed ops

Consumers pump $300 billion into the auto repair industry every year, but 75 percent of that business is handled by independent repair shops. There’s room for growth, especially since parts and service departments’ annual income accounts for roughly half of a typical dealership’s annual gross revenue. When you partner with DOM360, we’ll show you where to leverage your parts and service program to capitalize on those growth opportunities. Let’s turn a first-time car buyer into a happy, lifelong customer, one who generates revenue for your business with every necessary oil change and tire replacement.

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