Gettel Nissan When Bold Moves Pay Off

Seeing results soar after moving to 100% digital

The Challenge

Gettel Automotive Group has been a valued client for a number of years and we manage the digital advertising and marketing for all of their 18 stores including Gettel Nissan. As most Nissan dealerships know, growth has been somewhat of a challenge and Gettel Nissan was no different. Using a combination of digital and traditional marketing solutions was simply not moving the needle fast enough.

The Approach

As a sign of a true partnership the agency and client agreed to a 100% digital marketing strategy. We committed to new digital marketing tactics, with the goal of driving more customer activity online and leading more people to the store and their site. With our experience and know-how in the digital space, we leveraged tested approaches with new techniques to increase traffic and engagement online.

Pushing the Limits of Digital

DOM360 implemented a significant increase in targeted Google and Bing PPC ads while also layering in a conquest strategy aimed at local competitors. New Facebook advertising campaigns were also deployed utilizing the latest ad types as well as brand new targeting techniques.

The Results Speak Volumes.

Over a six month period the numbers were off the charts. Unique visitors to the website were up over 20%, lead traffic via form submissions sky rocketed to over 50%, and Facebook cost per clicks were less than $0.40. And sales, the ultimate measurement of success for a dealership, sales were up over 10% year over year. A true testament to what can happen when client and agency collaborate to accomplish bold ideas.

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