#WeLoveCars: Grant Looper

#WeLoveCars: Grant Looper Here at DOM360, you’ve probably already guessed that we love the automotive industry. For us, it’s more than just something we deal with on a daily basis when we come into work. It’s something we

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WHEN 66 IS AN A+ More than ten years go, in an article featured in Harvard Business Review, business strategist and best-selling author Fred Reichheld introduced the world to the idea of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It was,

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SHORT-TERM GAINS, LONG-TERM PAINS How many page views did we get last week? What was our view-through rate on that pre-roll spot? What’s our PPC conversion this month? How much has revenue increased this quarter? We have a

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The Google Dealer Playbook

The Google Dealer Playbook Google recently created their first “playbook” for dealers to better understand Google’s giant portfolio of marketing tools. The playbook is meant to help dealerships maximize their digital marketing performance and better capture consumers researching

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Our Favorite Infotainment Systems

Our Favorite Infotainment Systems Technology permeates into every facet of our lives today, including our vehicles. People looking for a new vehicle would probably be turned off from one that didn’t have the capability to plug in their

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Instagram Etiquette: Tips & Tricks

Instagram Etiquette: Tips & Tricks Sharing someone else’s photo Tag the source account in the caption AND the photo. Between new followers, likes and comments, it’s easy for your caption tag to get lost in someone’s notifications. However, if

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