We’re Doing Our Part. Is Your Agency?

These past few months have been a new way of doing business. Like many of you, we’ve been grateful for partners who’ve stepped up during this crisis. That’s why we recently partnered with one of our clients, Toyota of Glendora, to offer complimentary oil changes for first responders — you can listen to the embedded radio spot to hear more about how that came together.

Right now, every little bit helps, and our hope is that our small act will make life just a little easier for those on the front lines. It’s just one more way that DOM360 helps our dealership partners. While we excel at generating leads, it’s not always about that.

So, when you can come up for air, it might be time to ask yourself, “What is my agency is really doing for us?” If they’re not a true partner, you need a new partner.

To learn more about what we are doing for Toyota of Glendora and what we could be doing for you, call or email our CMO to schedule a one-on-one with Robert Donovan, DOM360’s CEO and a digital advertising pioneer.

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