Service Landing Pages

Becoming a Preferred Provider and Boosting Page Views Along the Way.

In 2014, we were selected as a Preferred Provider for Toyota Service Centers nationwide. Today, we provide SEM, SEO, custom landing pages, display and social media advertising for over 100 dealerships. And we’re also able to provide 20+ customized pages for those service centers, so it’s tailored to each business and market.

The results have been nothing short of impressive. Page views have more than doubled every year and monthly page views are up 400% since the program originated. It’s little wonder, then, that we were also recently selected as a Preferred Provider for Lexus Service Centers.

20+ Landing Pages

DOM360 will provide 22 additional SEO-rich fixed ops landing pages to complement the pages you currently receive from Toyota. These pages are designed to enhance the user experience and keep customers on your site, leading to more form submissions and more service appointments. The pages will highlight the biggest areas of revenue opportunity in your service center: tires, brakes, oil changes, batteries and more.

Toyota TOOMS Integration

Specials automatically refresh, keeping your site current and your customers informed.

If an issue arises, an alert system is in place to let you know of potential problems. Saving you time, headaches, and money.

DOM360 auto alerts will be sent when specials are missing in one of your most popular service categories:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Oil Changes

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