Searching For An Advantage

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to improve your site’s rankings with search engines like Google and Bing. To be honest, though, it’s mostly Google we’re concerned with, because it accounts for nearly 90% of all search traffic in the United States. For searches on mobile devices, the share is even greater. So, in general, when we talk about SEO and rankings, we’re usually talking about Google.

We utilize many different tactics to boost our clients’ rankings, including enhancing local business listings (Google My Business), customizing keyword pages, updating trim pages and optimizing on-page elements, such as page titles and structured data. It’s an ongoing process that has consistently moved our clients onto the first page — in many cases, the top of the page — for local searches.

Even when expanding searches nationally, our clients still perform well. For example, when searching “Honda Summer Clearance Event,” which was searched thousands of times over the course of the manufacturer’s monthly sales event and had an 800% increase in searches year over year, one of our clients appeared as a featured snippet on Google’s first page. A featured snippet is an organic (not paid) callout that appears above all the other organic search results. It’s what Google determines to be the best answer for any given query. Take a look:

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, another one of our Honda clients appears on that same first page of results. Being on the first page is incredibly important, as the first five organic results on Google’s first page account for over two-thirds of all clicks. A featured snippet generates even more clicks. This is SEO that moves the needle. Plain and simple.

If we can do that for multiple clients in response to a term that’s used and searched nationally, imagine what we can do for your dealership. “New Toyota in Akron” or “Honda Odyssey in Plano” or even “RAM2500 near me” . . . For searches like that, we’re competing with ad agencies and in-house marketing departments that almost always come up short.

We go the extra mile and that’s exactly why our clients find themselves at the top of SERPs when it matters most. Want us to do the same for you? Do you want to see your dealership on the first page of more searches?

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