We’re Tech-Enabled.

So You Don’t Have to Be.

Let’s face it. Marketing is as complex as it’s ever been. While the Internet has allowed us to reach more people in more ways than we imagined just a few short years ago, layer after layer of new rules and processes has been added. And it’s all constantly evolving. What was a best practice yesterday may be detrimental to your best interests today.

That’s where our expertise comes in handy.  

When we recognized the huge knowledge gap between the auto industry and the ad industry, we created Contology. It’s a software platform that closes that gap for dealerships. You see in real time where your money is being spent, how effective that spend is, where opportunities may exist and even what your competitors are doing. That’s a very simplified description, because Contology does so much more, but the point is you have clarity instead of confusion.

When we say we’re tech-enabled, we don’t just mean Contology. We mean that we understand display ads and know how to make your ads get more clicks. We also know how best to retarget browsers who may have recently visited your site, how to handle carousel ads so that prospects in your market don’t simply scroll down, and how to craft emails to get more opens.

Videos aren’t just for your website or local cable — we understand the ins and outs of the many streaming platforms like YouTube, VUDU and Hulu, just to name a few. And we know how to optimize your web content so you land on the first page of Google searches more often. Just as important, we know which technologies are right for you. After all, there’s always a shiny new technology or app that everyone seems to be raving about, but if your customers aren’t on it, then your money probably shouldn’t be spent there.

So, yeah, it’s about much more than Contology. It’s about understanding new technology and, at the same time, knowing if it’s right for you or not. And it’s about staying ahead of the curve and your competition. After all, while our team is focused on the nuances of digital marketing to encourage more people to click your ads and walk through your doors, you can focus more of your time on what you do best: closing those deals.

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