Smashing Objectives in the Face of Adversity

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been showcasing our company’s core values, and there’s only one left for us to cover: Mission-Driven. Mission-Driven means doing whatever it takes — no matter what stands in your way — to achieve an objective. 

Between temporary closings, scarce inventory and an erratic economy, we’ve had a lot standing in our way, but we’ve pressed forward. And, as I highlighted a couple of months ago, we’ve managed to smash objectives for many of our clients. In the past, I spotlighted an employee or department who embodied each core value. With this one, though, I’m not singling out any one team member, because it’s truly been an all-hands-on-deck effort. 

We are about six months into the global health crisis and many of our clients are doing as well as they’ve ever done. That’s a result of our entire team being mission-driven. You’ve done whatever it takes to crush objectives at every step of the sales funnel. Just take a look at this:

That’s Mission-Driven in picture form. I know I’m grateful, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say our clients are, as well. So, thank you for everything you’ve done to help make 2020 memorable for a good reason.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.

May these core values serve as a guide when it must be decided what to do next, may you always accomplish the mission, get the result and creatively solve the business problem, may you always be the best version of yourself. Above all else, may you put God, your Family and your Clients first — in that order.

Good luck, and be ruthless and relentless with the competition.


I will not stop or give up. I understand the objective and press forward no matter what. I welcome adversity, laugh at it and then proceed to smash the objective.


I am selflessly dedicated to the success of both my clients and teammates alike. I have the courage to risk failing. I am a champion — always loyal and accountable.

Creative Innovation

I think – I explore – I create.


I practice, drill, rehearse…then I rest and repeat.


I stay true to my word, doing the right thing when no one is looking. I am open, honest, ethical and fair.


I stand for real relationships and make sure every interaction I create is meaningful.

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