OEMs No Dealer Left Behind.

Leading an OEM program is no small task. That’s precisely why DOM360 takes a “Dealer Up” approach. Most companies vying for an OEM program pound their chest about how great they’ll be if they win the RFP. Add in some flashing graphics and a slick salesperson and what are you left with? Just another OEM program the dealers are not behind.

DOM360 takes great pride in launching programs dealers want and need. It all starts with our approach. Our regional offices act as incubators for new ideas and solutions that help dealers innovate and stay ahead of the curve. By having this local, high-touch approach we’re able to conceive, prove and provide to the OEMs solutions that solve the needs of their varied dealers. The OEM is then able to vet these ideas and solutions to determine the optimal strategy for its entire dealer body. DOM360 will take you from pilot to complete rollout. And the only thing you’ll need is the willingness to succeed. 

A Proven Track Record.

Let’s face it, nurturing a relationship, providing month-in and month-out traffic and ultimately building a relationship founded in trust is a beautiful thing for two businesses to achieve together. And we’re not the only ones who think that. Here’s what some of our OEM clients have to say about working with DOM360:


Fixed-Ops Landing Pages

For any partner participating in this program with DOM360, we provide additional fixed-ops landing pages (e.g. 22 additional pages for Toyota dealers) to complement the pages you currently receive from the manufacturer. The pages will highlight the biggest areas of revenue opportunity in service centers, particularly tires, brakes, oil changes and batteries. These SEO-rich pages are designed to enhance the user experience and keep customers on your site, which leads to more form submissions and more service appointments.

Toyota TOOMS Integration

With DOM360’s TOOMS Integration, specials automatically refresh, keeping your site current and your customers informed. And, if an issue arises, an alert system is in place to let you know of potential problems. For example, alerts will be sent when specials are missing in one of your most popular service categories, such as Tires, Brakes, Batteries and Oil Changes. Ultimately, it saves you time, headaches and money.


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