The lowest funnel buyers the industry has ever seen.

The lowest funnel buyers the industry has ever seen.

Meet GEO+ powered by DOM360. This intuitive tool harnesses data from people’s shopping behavior and combines it with their day-to-day location history. Access purchase intent and convenience by targeting signals from the real world. See where your customers travel frequently and target them. Go beyond screen-based behaviors and drive sales with ROI equal to or better than paid search and website retargeting. For example, you can single out those ready-to-buy customers that drive past your dealership every single day.

What is GEO+?
Imagine being able to geofence an area, say, around your dealership or around your competition. Then you are able to serve your ad to in-market customers in audiences based on behavior, meaning people who are ready to buy or potentially need service. GEO+ serves the right ad, at the right time, to the right person to get you the best results. But it doesn’t stop there — you can geofence the road going by your dealership. Those customers that drive by regularly — you know, the ones that know you — can be served with a targeted ad.


100% of who we target have intent to buy!

Bridge Online & Offline

Geofence + Segments

Travel Patterns


Reporting & Analytics
With GEO+, you get real-time reporting. Find out how well your ads are performing. Be up-to-date on your cost per click, cost per conversion, bounce rate and much more. You can adjust and redeploy on the fly when the market, goals or plan changes. We are completely transparent and can customize the right approach for you.

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