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Are you tired of wasting money serving ads to people who may or may not be in the car buying market? Is your inventory sitting too long? How would you like that stagnant inventory to be displayed to real-time, active customers scouring Google? How about that inventory you show is your live, up-to-date inventory? Well, you can do that now! We have two new products that will move that inventory: Dynamic Search Ads and Dynamic Retargeting Display Ads. Both are the perfect pairing to start moving inventory from your lot and into your customers’ driveways.


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Dynamic Inventory

Dynamic Search Ads

Where do you go when you want to search for something? Chances are it’s probably Google. 95% of all internet searches are performed though the search engine. No surprise, your customers are searching for their next car there also. How would you like to be front and center, top of the first page, showing your ad. And we are not talking about some generic ad. We are talking about an ad featuring your live, up-to-date inventory. Not only that, we serve that ad to people searching for that vehicle or similar ones to it. This is hyper-targeting, next level, dynamic search ads. All this targeting gained a 17% higher click through rate. We serve a relevant ad at the right time to the right people.

17% higher ctr

Dynamic Inventory
Dynamic Inventory

Dynamic Retargeting Display Ads

We didn’t stop our relevant ads to just internet searches. Be in front of your customer throughout the car research/buying process. Let’s show them your actual live inventory in display ads as they visit other sites. Yes, show them an actual picture of the vehicle automatically pulled from your vehicle details page. Combine this method with delivering your ad to visitors to your site that have viewed that vehicle or similar and the results speak for themselves. This dynamic approach has led us to see results of 18% lower cost per click and twice the conversion rate as standard ads.

18% lower cpc
2x higher converstion rate



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When dealing with dynamic ads, searches, audiences and targeting, things can get complicated and granular. Our experts at DOM360 can customize an approach to meet your goals. We have the answers to your questions. You can reach out by phone or email or simply fill out the form below.

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