Do More With Your 1st Party Data

Google planned to block third-party cookies on its Chrome browser in early 2022. They have since pushed their date back to late 2023. There are privacy issue changes coming to the new Apple IOS and in response Facebook plans to follow suit. Tracking potential customers and targeting them to deliver your ads is about to get harder. Are you ready? Does your advertising partner have a plan?

Before you panic at the thought of your leads drying up from those targeted ads, there is an answer — you already have a reservoir of potentially untapped customers. We have found that most advertising agencies would not know where to begin, and most are not currently utilizing it. But DOM360 has the solution (and it’s right under your nose)…

It’s your DMS and CRM database!

Does your agency even have access to your DMS? How many of your leads are just wasting away? It’s time you start targeting your 1st party potential customers. Is their lease about to end? Did they purchase a car and never got service? How about targeting your customers per model type? The possibilities are limitless.

DOM360 has been tapping into the gold mine that is DMS for years. We know how, when and who to target to get the maximum ROI back into your dealership. The dealerships we have partnered with to take advantage of their first-party leads see jumps in conversions not only because they can target how they want, but it is a more relevant message custom to the differentiators of that dealership. 

Do you have questions or feel like your current agency is missing huge opportunities at your expense? Are you confused on what to do when the ever-changing landscape of Big Tech changes again? Reach out to us at DOM360. Our experts will answer your questions and walk you through the best strategy for your dealership to meet your goals.

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