When Relationships Matter Most

I’ve been incredibly impressed with your work ethic these past couple of weeks. You’ve embraced the uncertainty and welcomed the challenges. It has been reassuring — not just for me, but for our clients, as well.

I could single out any of our clients to illustrate that point, but I wanted to tell you about Milton Ruben today.

The Georgia-based dealership comprises three stores and has been a client of ours for the past year and a half. They’re a full-service client — and they’ve had incredible success with us. In fact, the January numbers for their Toyota store were some of the best in the southeast.

A big reason for their success is that Mike Brown and his team in Greenville have been working closely with Chris Snader (the dealer group’s executive manager) and each store’s GM from day one. Whether by phone, text, email or an in-person visit, this connection has blossomed into a true partnership. For all things marketing, the DOM360 team is viewed by Milton Ruben’s leadership as a trusted advisor.

So, when Jim Bernstein, the group’s managing partner, was looking for marketing answers to address COVID-19, he called Mike. Jim knew his dealerships needed to get in front of the issue. He knew what needed to be said, but wasn’t sure how best to say it. What he did know, though, is that he could rely on the account and creative teams in Greenville — the people who’d provided sound guidance time and time again — to help.

Mike arranged a quick conference call with the creative team and Jim. The team then began working on a broadcast script, which they turned around in a matter of hours. At that point, it was pretty much set: a small group would drive down to Augusta on Saturday morning to shoot a new spot for the dealerships. But if this crisis has taught us anything, it’s that you need to be flexible. You may have plans, but the virus has other plans.

And so it was with Milton Ruben. Before our teams left from SC, Jim determined that his stores needed to temporarily close in order to establish processes that would better protect the health and safety of his employees and the community. Jim was making a tough decision, but his message of perseverance still reflected the group’s stance on the pandemic. If anything, that message resonated even more clearly with the Milton Ruben team, as the dealerships were being positioned to move forward purposefully, efficiently and safely.

The account, digital and creative teams in Greenville quickly adjusted all of Milton Ruben’s assets that would be impacted by the decision. New messaging was created for the various websites, paid search ads were tweaked, business listings were adjusted and social posts were pushed out. This was all done in a day. And it was all made possible because of our expertise, commitment and a solid client relationship.

As you know, one of our core values is “relationships,” and it reminds us that every interaction we create should be meaningful. Mike and his team demonstrate that daily, and their open lines of communication with Jim and his team at Milton Ruben are a testament to that. 

That’s why Milton Ruben included our team in the early stages of their decision-making process. It’s why they continue to rely on our guidance for their messaging moving forward (we’re currently in the process of writing and editing new broadcast spots for April). And it’s why those dealerships will have many more record-setting months to come.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.

May these core values serve as a guide when it must be decided what to do next, may you always accomplish the mission, get the result and creatively solve the business problem, may you always be the best version of yourself. Above all else, may you put God, your Family and your Clients first — in that order.

Good luck, and be ruthless and relentless with the competition.


I will not stop or give up. I understand the objective and press forward no matter what. I welcome adversity, laugh at it and then proceed to smash the objective.


I am selflessly dedicated to the success of both my clients and teammates alike. I have the courage to risk failing. I am a champion — always loyal and accountable.

Creative Innovation

I think – I explore – I create.


I practice, drill, rehearse…then I rest and repeat.


I stay true to my word, doing the right thing when no one is looking. I am open, honest, ethical and fair.


I stand for real relationships and make sure every interaction I create is meaningful.

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