Big O Chrysler Jeep Dodge Telling a new story for a trusted brand

In the summer of 2017 Big O Dodge approached us looking for a fresh take on their marketing. They knew the traditional dealer approach of “yelling and selling” simply doesn’t resonate with consumers. They wanted a clutter-cutting campaign that better matched their personalities and the experience customers would find at this family-owned dealership.

The Approach

Beginning with brand strategy meetings we were able to create a roadmap for updating Big O’s content strategy. With smart concepts, sharp writing and Jake Odum as our talent, we were able to tell the Big O story in a clear and compelling way without the traditional in-your-face style that so many dealerships utilize.

A Continuing Approach Towards Creativity

“One of the things that impressed me the most was the creative. What went into that and the ideas that came from that was very impressive and has continued throughout the relationship.” 
– Jake Odum, Big O President

A Partnership for the Long Haul

The new work has created pride at the dealership and pride in the community. The dealership has turned a corner with a great start to sales in 2018. The approach has been so successful for the client that we continue to produce similarly styled content for them. We have also helped the dealership improve their overall marketing budget and efficiency, eliminating waste and making the dealer’s dollars go further. A partnership built for the long haul – just the way we do it!

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Let's Get Started Tell us a little about yourself. If you don't mind.


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