5 Things to Consider when Marketing to Millennials

Millennials have come of age and are now a primary target group for marketers. Now in their twenties and thirties, Millennials make up a huge percentage of consumers. As this demographic has aged, researchers and economists have been able to observe their consumption, resulting in a much clearer understanding of how Millennials think.

We’ve assembled a few key points to remember when targeting Millennials as consumers. Many of these points can also be applied on a larger scale, though, and are good to keep in mind with other target groups as well.

1) Millennials do their homework.

Research has shown that Millennials aren’t as quick to buy products they’ve just heard of. Instead, they prefer to make informed decisions on their purchases, particularly for big ones.

A great strategy for addressing this would be to educate consumers about your product. In many cases today, information is the best form of advertising, and Millennials in particular are likely to respond well to it.

2) Digital matters.

It’s no secret that Millennials prefer just about everything digital. Naturally, this includes advertising. However, even beyond web ads, social media itself has become a valuable tool for companies when it comes to reaching consumers and engaging with them.

A great example of this type of marketing would be our own clients’ social media accounts. We manage social media for both Laughing Skull Beer and Barberitos, in addition to many of our automotive clients. You can check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

3) “Pushy” advertising won’t cut it.

Although creating a sense of urgency is important for advertising in general, it’s easy for some companies to overdo it. Think stereotypical door-to-door salesmen and infomercial lingo. Millennials aren’t likely to be convinced your product is a “life-saver” unless it’s a defibrillator.

A good alternative is to, again, educate consumers about your product. What makes it different? How can it help them? These are concrete questions that both Millennials and the general public can relate to.

4) Millennials appreciate quirky humor.

Millennial humor is, broadly speaking, a good bit more off-the-wall than previous generations. There is a new appreciation for the awkward, almost accidental humor found in day-to-day interactions.

Again, a great example of this is our own client Laughing Skull Beer’s Instagram page. The page features “Tom Hanks Tuesdays” which include stills from tom Hanks films with the Laughing Skull logo edited in. One post has Forrest Gump sitting with a box of beer instead of chocolate. Another has the Laughing Skull logo placed over Wilson the volleyball’s face in Cast Away. Doesn’t make sense? That’s exactly why it’s funny.

5) Millennials like small and local businesses.

Due to their generally high economic and environmental consciousness, Millennials have started shopping local more often, even at the risk of paying higher prices.

While this can be problematic for larger companies, there are ways to keep reaching those who may prefer local. These companies can emphasize community engagement and charitable causes. Doing so helps make them appear less like the stereotypical “titan of industry” and more like the friendly corner store on Main Street.


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