When it comes to advertising your brand, you want reassurance that your ads will be seen by the right audience, in the right context and placement. That’s why Facebook carefully inspects all aspects of the content shared on Facebook to provide a safe space for users and advertisers alike. With many procedures in place to make News Feeds and Instagram Feeds a great space to advertise and reach out to a targeted audience, you can leave your worries behind when you choose to foster brand awareness through both the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Facebook is committed to providing an enjoyable environment for users and works diligently to make sure policies are upheld by reviewing all on-demand and Live videos on Facebook, content in Instant Articles and websites and apps within the Audience Network to make sure the content adheres to their policies.

They also make it easy for advertisers to choose how and where their ads are being displayed. By offering tools that provide the option to block content within Instant Articles, Audience Network and in-stream video, it provides the advertiser with more control of where and how their ads may appear.

Facebook Tools for Ad Placement

  • Placement opt-outs allow advertisers to opt out of Instant Articles, in-stream videos or the Audience Network if they do not want to run within those environments.
  • Category blocking gives advertisers the ability to block certain sensitive categories of content in which they don't want their ads to be seen.
  • Domain/app block lists allow advertisers to block their ads from delivery on certain websites, apps or Instant Articles.

But the convenient tools don't stop there. According to Facebook's global newsletter, they will be releasing two updates aimed at improving controls so advertisers can confidently deliver their ads across Instant Articles, in-stream video and Audience Network. The following updates will be rolled out over the coming month:

Upcoming Facebook Ad Controls

  • Unifying category blocking capabilities across placements and objectives. Advertisers will have one list of categories that apply to Audience Network, Instant Articles & in-stream video and they will be available across all objectives where those placements are available.
  • Domain and app blocking at the account level. Advertisers will soon be able to set block lists at the account level and have them apply to all campaigns within that account. The blocks will apply to publishers within Instant Articles & the Audience Network.

Thanks to Facebook's strict policies and convenient tools allowing advertisers control over how and where their ads are displayed, you can be rest assured your ads are being viewed and displayed in a safe environment for your brand.

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Facebook Product and Business Update: Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Environment on Facebook Family of Apps and Services.