Women Helping to Drive Auto Sales

Women Driving Sales

2016 is on its way to becoming another record year for vehicle sales. One of the contributing factors is the uptick in SUV sales among single, professional women. What factors are leading to a sales increase within this demographic? What can you do to target this key group and earn their business? Read on for answers to both questions.

From 2010 to 2015, sales of SUVs to women rose 34%, according to a study conducted by MaritzCX. So, why are single women purchasing more SUVs? There’s no one definitive answer, but there are several factors. For one, while the surge is not specifically from millennials, the same increase in income that has resulted in millennials getting behind the wheel in larger numbers has resulted in more purchasing power for women. Also, with many women choosing to delay marriage and children later than in past generations, more money is available to purchase lifestyle items such as vehicles.

So, how do you appeal to women who shop at your dealership? Do away with any assumptions about who drives your vehicles, and who the decision maker is in the purchasing process. Last year, we laid out for you many reasons why you should be focused on marketing to women, including that they are the decision maker in up to 95% of automotive purchases. In spite of this fact, women often feel like they are not taken seriously in the car buying process. According to Women-Drivers.com, 60% of women who leave a dealership without purchasing a car never return. Show women respect, take them seriously, and understand that your vehicles may have broader appeal than you previously thought.