Recently, two Southeast Toyota stores have seen a decline in service customers and people opting out of emails from the dealership. To help find a solution and win back business, the account managers at DOM360 took that opt out list and loaded the customers' email addresses and phone numbers in Facebook and served them a 50% off oil change ad. The objective was to win back customers who previously stopped engaging with the dealership's service departments. The campaigns were set up using the new Offer Ads format with Facebook where the customers can actually claim the offer.
Each campaign was run for 38 days for both stores. While the list size was a small target, Store A had a reach of 428 people and 19 people claimed offers, while Store B had a reach of 662 people and 15 claims. Below are the full results for both stores.

If you find that your company is in a similar situation, losing customers, DOM360 is here to help find the solution. Feel free to call us at 864-248-0886, email, or contact your Account Executive for more information.