We asked Jacob Kern, SEM Analyst here at DOM360 and a Subaru Ambassador, some questions about his past, present and future cars.

What was your first color, make and model car?

“My First car was a black pearl 2002 Subaru Outback L.L.Bean Edition, which I promptly named  Scoobs. I had it made, going to college in a nice car that I saved up to buy myself. Leather seats, amazing sound system, dual sunroofs, and really clean… I never should have sold that car, I really miss it. I even tried to buy it back a few different times”

Any fond memories of it?

“I loved that car. I drove it every chance I got. I went camping with it. I slept in it. I drove it to Charleston. I drove it on the beach. I showed up lifted trucks in the mud.  I had that car when I first started dating my wife. I learned how to work on cars with it, and I haven’t stopped since.”

What do you drive now?

“I currently drive an Obsidian Black Pearl 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited. This is my first turbocharged car, and I am in love.”

“I had the opportunity to buy another one, a Regal Blue Pearl 2006 Subaru Legacy GT that needed a new engine. I have been building an engine from the ground up for the past few months that I plan to put in that car, and I can’t wait to drive it.”

What is your dream car?

“My dream car….this one is hard. Haha. I would have to narrow it down to two, although they are both different versions of the same car.”

“I would love this one, the Subaru B4 S401. it came with a sequential twin turbo flat four engine with a 6 speed manual transmission. It is essentially the sleeper Subaru STi. This version is very rare to come across as only 400 were ever made, and they were only sold in Japan.”

“Built on the same platform, Subaru made another vehicle known as the B4 Blitzen. This car was created as a collaboration with Porsche design, featuring the Flat H6 Engine and came with the first sequential automatic transmission from Subaru. This has been a dream car forever, and I had a car that I was going to use as a replica, but it was totaled. “

Jacob is one of many in the DOM360 family that truly loves cars. To follow in the process of Jacob’s Subaru Legacy GT engine build, follow him on IG – regal_legacygt. Also follow DOM360 while we highlight some of Jacob’s cars and builds as well as other automotive favorites.