Want to go to Driving Sales Summit?

In this session, attendees will learn the following:

  1. Learn how to use your existing CRM, service drive and finance department to take in vehicles. Dive into processes, transactions and results, all while increasing RO count.
  2. Take in a trade and turn it instantly! Step-by-step instructions from marketing to recon and acquisition to frontline process.
  3. Word tracts that work with live demonstration and active Q&A.
  4. Collateral and leveraging acquisitions.
  5. No cost direct mail and trades—completely revamped and with guaranteed results.
  6. What’s the new way of merchandising used cars? Are third parties dead?
  7. Adapting to change—how will this business model will impact your dealership?
  8. Land more customers and optimize what you have.
  9. Proven ways to maximize cross-functional team collaboration.
  10. How to use AI to take in inventory.

Email Jennifer@dom360.com for more information and get a chance to win a free pair of Driving Sales Executive Summit tickets!