Did you know that the average American is exposed to 8,000 ad messages a day? The thought alone is staggering. That being said, though, it also provides you with a unique opportunity.

The key to a successful ad message -- digital, broadcast or otherwise -- has nothing to do with who shouts most loudly. Consumers are already being bombarded, and joining in on the competition’s noise-making will only ensure that your ads will be forgettable.

Instead, it's more effective to create experiences your consumers can relate to -- advertisements that cause them to feel something. If you can trigger an emotional response, whether it's joy or sorrow or nostalgia, you have a greater chance of making a memorable impression. Make them laugh. Make them cry.  Make them do anything but tune you out.

You're well aware that your brand offers more than just an attractive price point, but how often do you take advantage of that in your advertising? Here are three ads we've created that fall outside of the stereotypical local dealer advertisement.

Facebook is a great medium for reaching out to your consumers in creative ways. For this particular client located in the Boston area, snow is a serious concern every year. We were able to leverage that in a fun way that drew attention to the 2017 Volvo XC90's excellent safety ratings and available AWD.

One of our clients has a digital outdoor board, so we decided to come up with a few unsolicited, creative ideas they could run with little to no cost. This ad draws parallels between gluten-free food being a sometimes healthy option, while the Prius is a "healthy option" for the environment.

We developed this traffic report concept in an effort to disrupt the medium rather than following the same formula so many have used over and over again. By starting out with the breaking traffic alert, we also had the opportunity to catch people's attention through unexpected means, capturing more viewers from the moment the ad airs.

If you're interested in amping up the creativity of your advertising campaigns, feel free to call us at 864-248-0886, email Success@dom360.com, or contact your Account Executive for more information.