Wouldn’t you love to reach shoppers who visited your site but left without filling out a form?

DOM360 takes an integrated approach with Search Engine Marketing. DOM360 allows you to have a consistent message across every medium, eliminating the need for separate vendors and reducing moving parts in your SEM plan. Our experienced and certified specialists build customized campaigns and monitor them daily to maximize your performance! Our search engine marketing services, DOMAds, are managed daily to maximize the success of your click through rate, impression share, total leads and more.

Set it and forget it? Never.

Our Search Ads:

  • Custom ads integrated with monthly offers and ad extensions
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Phone call tracking for reporting
  • Managed daily for performance

Our Display Ads:

  • Custom artwork for monthly campaigns
  • Mirror national campaigns when applicable
  • Phone call tracking for reporting
  • Use of Google Display Network

Our People:

  • Certified with Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center and Facebook
  • Daily management with consulting
  • Hands-on, customized approach to SEM

Our Additional Services:

  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • Social Media Advertising: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Pre-roll video creation
  • Budget Management
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Automotive SEM and PPC Management

The competition on search ads continues to rise in the automotive space. Each dealership is now competing against the manufacturer, the region, and 3rd parties all saying the same message. Give DOM360 a call to try out our Automotive SEM service and let us show you how we stand out from the rest and drive leads for your store.


Our approach includes building the relationship between SEO and SEM and being able to serve the right message to the right person and take them to the exact place to allow them to convert. By building custom landing pages for your campaigns we control cost, drive conversions, and provide an overall better experience for buyers. Our managed services provides the best outlet across all networks, backed by technology that provides transparency into our services and your results.

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