Win the Insight

Before a customer decides to shop with you, they do their research. With so many options to choose from in the automotive industry, shoppers need to feel comfortable before making a purchase.

DOMResearch gives you the data to ensure that when customers are doing research, your website is meeting their needs and providing the information they need to move forward with your dealership.

DOM360 Market and Industry Data

DOM360 not only offers a comprehensive reporting tool for your online performance but also researches industry data so we can put the results to work for you. In addition to seeing and understanding your own traditional and digital results, we utilize local market data and industry data. You can rely on our fully integrated team to develop and maintain a higher understanding of how the industry is performing and leverage that knowledge to help you win more customers when we run your marketing campaigns.

DOMResearch provides:

  • New Car Competitive Analysis: Compares your offers, artwork and specials to your biggest competitors.
  • Parts & Service Competitive Analysis: Your specials are put through our best practices filter, then we provide an action plan each month to keep them improving.
  • Secret Shop: We will submit a lead form via your website and then report back on what happens next. You will receive a custom analysis that shows your response time as well as the quality and content of the response.
  • Census Data Modeling: Provides the geographic and demographic information you need to know your market and sell more cars.

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