Automakers Seek Recall Help


Over 50 million vehicles were recalled in 2015. However, many of those vehicles may never have the necessary repairs completed.

Approximately 25 percent of vehicles recalled in the U.S. never get fixed, and automakers are hoping that insurance companies can help lower that number. A letter was recently sent to major insurers including State Farm, Geico, and Liberty Insurance asking for assistance in informing drivers of safety recalls that affect them. The letter was sent by a group called The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. The group represents major automakers such as General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Honda.

In all, over 47 million vehicles in the U.S. remain on the road without completed recall repairs. Congress is also hoping to address the issue and improve safety on the roads by creating pilot programs in six states. These pilot programs would inform drivers of needed recall repairs when vehicles are registered.