Millennials Get Behind the Wheel


An improved economy means more opportunity, more jobs, and more cars for millennials. Long thought to be less interested in driving than their baby boomer parents, the new generation of drivers is beginning to show that the desire to drive and own a car never left them-just the means.

Improved job prospects, less debt, and starting families have resulted in people aged 21-38 becoming the second largest car buying generation in America. They purchased four million cars and trucks in 2015, and several major automakers are celebrating their newfound popularity with younger car buyers.

GM, Ford, and Honda all trumpeted their sales numbers among the newly eager to buy generation. The Honda Civic and Accord are the best selling cars among drivers under 35. GM saw a five percent increase in the number of sales to drivers under 34 since 2010, up to 20% of their total sales. Ford’s Explorer model has become increasingly popular with younger drivers as well, as they require more space for their growing families.

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., and they will make a bigger and bigger impression on the auto market in the years to come. Don’t forget them when crafting your marketing message, they’re listening.