Our People

Here at DOM360, we know that we would be nothing without the talented people we have working with us.  That’s why it’s so important that we constantly recruit for both technical and cultural fit, and then do our level best to retain our talented employees.  To attract and retain talent, we must provide competitive benefits, constant professional development opportunities, and offer other perks so our employees, and potential employees, know that this is where they want to spend their professional hours for years to come.

 Some of the many benefits we offer are:

  • 14 paid time off days per calendar year upon hire
  • 7 paid holidays off per calendar year
  • Company participation in employee health insurance
  • Company participation in employee fitness plan
  • Optional employee & dependent dental and vision insurance
  • Optional employee short-term disability insurance
  • Company-provided employee life and long-term disability insurance
  • There are several times during the year when we host company parties, activities and picnics.  
  • We host a monthly employee breakfast or lunch where we share Agency news and celebrate wins, awards, upcoming events, client campaigns and recognize employee anniversaries.

Our corporate office in Greenville, SC, is located two blocks from downtown, so our employees enjoy a leisurely walk to lunch, or they take a company-provided bicycle.

Please take a look at the positions we are currently seeking to fill, and take a few minutes to apply online. We hope you will like what you see and will want to become part of this very dynamic organization.  Come grow with us!

Open Positions in Greenville, SC

Open Positions in Boca Raton, FL