Facebook is Putting a Stop to ‘Clickbaiting


Tired of seeing headlines that are misleading or irrelevant to you? Facebook has plans to implement a new practice that will remove so called “clickbait” from your Facebook experience.

Now, Facebook will measure the amount of time spent reading the instant articles suggested for you. This way they will be able to determine what is relevant to you, and what you don’t want to see again. Intriguing or misleading headlines that turn out to be outside of your interests will no longer be rewarded for receiving a large volume of clicks when very little time is spent on them once the content is revealed.

In addition, Facebook is working on ways to limit brands from posting back to back, or “spamming” people’s news feeds. It is becoming more important than ever to have compelling content delivered to your customers in a controlled manner, rather than trying to get your name out there as many times as possible with weak content. Not only will no one read it, you might get buried in Facebook’s algorithm for doing so.