Name: Dan Austin  

Position: Front End Development Manager

Location: Greenville Office

Years with the Company: 4

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan


What is your typical day at DOM360 like?

Putting out fires, if there happens to be one or two. Other than that, I spend my “typical” day coming up with new ideas | designs | software. Meaning that I will make changes to a clients site, build plugins for WordPress, and typical maintenance. Also, another big part of my day is helping out the accounts side. From bug fixing to helping out if they can not fix something on their own.

What does success mean to you?

For the clients, it’s when we get a phone call or an email ~ and they are happy. For the accounts side it’s when I get a simple “thanks, Dan, you are awesome!”

How does your role contribute to our client’s success?

Well, if they have a site with us my role is a bit larger, but for most I am behind the scenes. I make things run that the clients don’t know are even there.

What is your favorite part of your role at DOM360?

I am able to work at my own speed (fast) and I get to build what is needed (even if they don’t know it yet!). And research, research, research!

What fictional character do you identify with?

The Wizard of OZ

What is your spirit animal?

Otter, all the way.

What is your favorite pick up line?


Describe yourself in a GIF or Meme?

What is the theme song of your life?

Bassnectar – Zodgilla