Good brands create marketing campaigns that are catchy. Great brands leave lasting impressions. Everyone knows that Tony the Tiger is an advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes or that when you see a green Gecko come across your TV, you are about to watch a Geico commercial. Like these great brands, the DOM360 team wanted to come up with a personable fictitious mascot for Stevenson Toyota that would be instantly noticeable when seen on television or in public.

Meet the Spokeslogo, a talking logo that represents the Stevenson Toyota brand. Created by Owen Irvin and Mike Weston, they wanted to come up with an idea that was personable, recognizable and most importantly, had brand equity. Spokeslogo is a mascot that is able to pull through the message of a commercial and can either stand alone and carry the spot or can be the opener or closer to an ad. Similar to Tony the Tiger, Spokeslogo is something that can be instantly recognized and can represent the brand without having to use the brand’s name.

With the help from Kaytlyn Hollis, Dan Austin and Thomas Ballard, Spokeslogo was able to come to life through a series of processes. By taking green tape, cutting it into very small pieces and placing it on the corners, top and bottom of Thomas’s mouth, Dan and Kaytlyn videoed the motion of Thomas’s mouth while he was saying Spokeslogo’s lines in various emotions.

Once they had done that, they transferred the footage to Adobe After Effects and were able to pair the motion of Thomas’s mouth with the logo. After that, Kaytlyn was then able to edit the talking mascot into commercial footage and Spokeslogo was born. However, for every commercial that is made, the whole process has to be completely redone. For just one commercial, they had on average about 17 different takes.

Although constructing Spokeslogo took a lot of time and patience, creating campaigns is about having fun. It is important to not blend into the abyss of mediocre commercials and ads, so it is vital that your brand delivers your message in a fun and forgettable way.

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