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There is always the notion of what’s new, what’s next, what is the latest and greatest? It’s simple. There is no great trick to reaching consumers. Consumers like to absorb what interests them. Think about it- we see 8,000 ads a day, whether or not you actually see them or they were just on the screen or in the line of sight. The job of the marketing team is to build the message that will engage the consumers and even act on behalf of the advertisement. It all comes down to what is the big idea.


The big idea is simple. And it’s 5 steps. An idea is just an idea until you make it come alive, execute it, track it and and people absorb it.


Take a big brand, say Arby’s. A fast-food chain that was struggling for identity and market share.


  1. The big idea- We Have The Meats.
  2. People that solve your problems. A dedicated team to concept and create the idea and how to develop it.
  3. The idea developed into creative that speaks. Creative that stands out from all the other categorical brands, and grabs the attention.
  4. The tactics they used to disseminate that idea, TV, social media, digital advertising and in-store merchandising. Each of these were tactics that convert.
  5. Tracking that matters. Don’t get your mind cluttered with every measurable statistic out there. Understand the KPIs that matter to you, your business and the your bottom line.


Good ol’ fashioned customer service, creative people and modern marketing is what works. There is not always going to be some gadget or widget to drive long term results. You could have all the technology in the world, but if you don’t have the people to generate the ideas your message gets lost.


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