The most mainstream tactic for targeting consumers that visit your site is running a remarketing campaign through Google Adwords. But appealing to these prospects aside from their computer screen or cell phone offers even more opportunities for you to capture sales, and that's where IP Matchback comes into play.

The concept may seem simple: someone visits your site, and they receive a direct mail piece as soon as 48 hours later. However, the way we're able to achieve this with little to no effort from you involves a little more behind-the-scenes action than you may think.


Here's the basic rundown:


First, a potential customer visits your site. During this browsing session their IP address is tagged and downloaded later that evening. Once daily, all of these IP addresses that have been downloaded and stored are then vetted against our residential database, helping us eliminate business addresses, mobile phone IPs and inaccurate listings.

Once a vetted list of addresses has been produced, direct mail pieces are printed and distributed automatically, featuring your current sales promotion or Evergreen offers that relate to the pages that were browsed (we'll let you decide).

With these pieces hitting the mail within 24 hours, your customers should receive their offers within 48 hours. Plus, thanks to our IP-matching technology, they'll receive offers and be served creative that matches what they saw on your site, all working together to prompt them to reengage.


This is a powerful combination that combines offline and online marketing efforts for optimal results. While digital and direct mail campaigns are capable of producing fantastic results on their own, by using them collaboratively like this, you have the opportunity to see exponentially more conversions and sales.



If you are interested in learning more about how IP Matchback can positively influence your marketing and leads, feel free to call us at 864-248-0886, email, or contact your Account Executive for more information.