Thanks to the advent of modern day dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, people are constantly poised to swipe left.

It's all about persuasion and choice: Is he attractive? Does she have a good job? And the same logic applies to the emails you send your consumers: Does this email have what I'm looking for?

If the answer is no, you end up being swiped left, finding a comfy spot in the trash bin.

Since email first began, digital communication has exploded, redefining how industries communicate with their customers. From branding and important news to flash sales and special offers, retailers and other companies are using email in more ways than ever before to share their message.

Unfortunately for you, your competition is vying for the spotlight you want. That precious click. Those few seconds you have to capture a customer's attention and possibly land a sale. You have to work for them.

You may have a delicious tray of beautiful cookies, but so does Joe Blow down the street, and he has a loudspeaker covered in glitter. How are you competing? Because shouting louder may not be your best bet.

Your offers may be great, and your eblast probably looks sharp. But have you carefully planned your subject line and preheader so you're more likely to generate clicks?

*Crickets chirping*

Did you know that 35 percent of all email recipients open their email based on the subject line alone (1)? That's huge. That means "MAYDAY MAYDAY" versus "Special Offers Selected for You" could mean the difference between the click you want versus a swipe straight into the trash bin.

Even more important, 69 percent of all email recipients report emails as spam solely based on an email's subject line (1). You may think you're generating interest, but that subject line littered with exclamation points and all-caps words might land you on a blacklist, if you're not careful.

The problem many companies run into revolves around preheader text and not using it appropriately. If you put all of your effort into writing a killer subject line without considering the preheader text, you're wasting space and possibly missing out on clicks.

The point of preheader text is to give email recipients an idea of what the email entails. Because of this, you have the perfect opportunity to write something that's not only compelling but also goes hand in hand with your subject line.

Unfortunately, if you're not paying attention, missing the mark can cost you. Rather than a carefully crafted message, your consumers may be served up text about viewing your email in a browser or see duplicate text.

Additionally, smart marketers know that most browsers and mobile devices display up to 30 characters of your subject line at most. Did you catch that? Characters, not words.

It looks like this right here.

No, seriously. That statement contains 30 characters.

That doesn't mean you're out of luck, though. You simply have to plan ahead to ensure that your message plays well with as many platforms as possible. Plus, there's still the opportunity to both generate intrigue and share what you have to say using preheader text.

Consumers often consider preheader text before they opt to click or send you to the trash, which is great if you're aware of that. All you have to do is plan your preheader text accordingly, so it helps explain or build upon your subject line.

One option you have is to qualify or explain what your subject line refers to. In this example below the subject line exists purely to generate interest while the preheader text focuses on gaining clicks through solid offers:

Similarly, you can actually weasel out of your 30-character limit for your subject line by simply continuing your message in your email's preheader:

When it comes to generating interest and gaining clicks through email marketing, the options are nearly endless. The most important tactic is to be aware of your options and the platforms your consumers use, as well as identifying and executing a solid strategy.

At DOM360, we make it our priority to make sure every correspondence we send for our clients is thoughtfully crafted and optimized for every platform possible. If you're interested in learning more about how we're working to generate traffic for you via email, contact us directly or ask your Account Executive.