Honda uses Youtube to relate to Latino customers

Wish your brand could appeal to a larger group of consumers without significantly increasing your marketing and advertising budget? Nowadays, in order to make an authentic appeal to consumers, brands are reaching out to everyday people that consumers can relate to. How? By utilizing social media. Among the many social sites, YouTube is becoming the go-to platform for bringing brands and influencers together to promote products and services.

Recently, Honda decided to use this avenue as an effort to further grow their long-standing relationship with Latino consumers. “Latinos as a group are becoming more financially strong, and they are becoming more interested in buying new vehicles,” said analyst Jesse Toprak, founder of the Toprak Consulting Group.

Recent studies reported by Strategic Vision reveal that seating capacity and interior storage are among the top five purchase cues for Latino-American car shoppers. Using this information, Honda determined that the comfortable and spacious interior of the Honda CR-V should prove to be an alluring feature for its Latino-American shoppers. The next step for the automaker was finding influencers on YouTube to further expose the CR-V to the Latino community.

“Part of us doing this new, fresh campaign and trying something new by going to YouTube influencers is just our way to continuously look for innovative ways to connect and deepen that engagement,” said Gina Jorge, head of multicultural marketing for American Honda Motor Co. Following extensive research, the automaker chose Mexican sisters, Karla and Paola Celis, as prime influencers.

The two sisters regularly post lifestyle-focused videos onto their individual YouTube channels, and they have a loyal fan base with nearly 1,127,000 combined subscribers. Honda provided the sisters and their family with a new 2015 Honda CR-V to use for a full day in San Diego. The family was able to see all of its new features in action and later posted videos of them testing out the crossover SUV on their YouTube channels. The videos being exposed to their million-plus subscribers, sheds light on the spacious new Honda CR-V as a perfect choice for small families with active lifestyles.

Honda is also promoting the sisters’ videos on the company’s social media sites. This includes their Honda Latino Twitter account and their Honda YouTube channel, which already includes a playlist for Latino content. The videos will become a part of the “Space for Dreams” campaign, launched early this year.

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