New Feature Allows Users To Shop on Twitter

Twitter recently announced it has begun testing a new feature geared at connecting consumers with relevant information about the products and places they care about most. Additionally, the new feature will allow users to purchase these products or book venues from the site itself.

“Every month, millions of people Tweet about what they love: products they buy, places they visit, books they’re reading or vacations they’re planning. But it can be challenging to find and engage with the most relevant Tweets, images and videos about products and places when you’re looking for them. So today we’re beginning to test two ways to make it easier for you to discover rich and relevant content about products and places on Twitter,” said the social network in a recent blog post.

The first portion of this new feature includes product and place pages. With this functionality, relevant Tweets on a specific product or place are streamlined to a designated page by Twitter. Any given product or place page will include a description, top tweets, news updates, images, video and pricing. Most importantly, users will even be able to purchase items or book a venue from these pages.

In addition to individual product and place pages, Twitter users will eventually gain the ability to create groups of products and places they like (consumers) or offer (businesses) called collections. All users and brands will eventually be given the tools to create and share these collections, similar to Pinterest. However, Twitter has decided to think big and start small by choosing a select group of curators that includes Nike, Target, HBO, The Ellen Show, Reese Witherspoon, Demi Lovato and a few others to share collections of their favorites things and places. As testing continues, Twitter plans to expand its list of curators over time.

Could a Twitter user feasibly purchase a car from your dealership in the near future? That’s unclear at this point. But this added functionality will enable car dealers to create special collections of information, multimedia and tweets for consumers who are interested in learning more about the vehicles, products and services you offer.

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