Car Dealership Employee Held at Gunpoint During Test Drive

The first Saturday of August began like any other for Martin Rayos, but the Texas car salesman quickly found himself in a life-threatening scenario.

Rayos and a customer were in the middle of a test drive when the situation quickly escalated.

“He just said he didn’t want to take it too far, and he pulled out a gun,” Rayos said to his local ABC affiliate. “He had the gun pointed at me, and told me to step out of the vehicle.”

According to Rayos, the driver began acting suspiciously as soon as they left the lot.

“Every stop sign to Crockett Street, we stopped, and he was just looking in every direction,” he said.  

Other employees also took notice of the customer’s odd behavior, and said it was in part due to what they saw — or rather didn’t see — on the dealership’s security cameras.

According to the dealership’s owner, the cameras malfunctioned every time the suspect walked by one. He explained that they should have seen his face on camera several times, but the camera blacked out each time, due to a security “blocker.”

Rayos admitted that he and the dealership missed a number of clues, including the suspect asking to pay cash for the car and then claiming he forgot his ID.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department said that was the dealership’s first mistake.

“Have some documentation from someone,” Neufeld said. “Like in this case, maybe the driver of the vehicle he got out of. Did they have any ID? At least get some identification from them.”

The dealership’s owner says he will now require an ID for every test drive.

The story is a good reminder to take precautions — including checking ID– before test drives, to ensure the safety of your dealership personnel.

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