Is Your Remarketing Campaign Targeting the Right People?

Thanks to the website traffic information available from Google Analytics, online businesses can see how customers interact with their site and which visitors are actually in-market for the products that they offer. The problem, though, is that not everyone uses this information to target their remarketing campaigns, which means you could be spending a lot of money on people who are never going to make a purchase.

Thankfully, online SEO blog Search Engine Land has come up with a great walkthrough guide that can help target your remarketing efforts so you’re reaching out to the right people, and we’ve broken down the process below:

The first step in targeting your preferred audience is checking your content and purging it of uninterested parties. While targeting all site visitors is a common way to snag conversions, you’ll need to dig a little deeper for the less obvious pages and filter the landing pages that have high session numbers but no conversions.

There, you’ll discover content that is driving users for reasons other than just purchase intent. These are the people who are not qualified targets for your remarketing campaign. Now that you have this knowledge at your disposal, create remarketing audiences of people who visited those pages and exclude those audiences from your remarketing campaign.

Secondly, exclude the “barely there” visits. In the behavior category, navigate to “Engagement.” In this section, you’ll find a report breaking down session duration. To eliminate the people who will not drive future conversions, create a remarketing list in Google Analytics for sessions less than 10 seconds.

Third, leverage affinity and in-market audiences. There are many different reasons why people visit websites. To separate the ones who are truly interested from those who are just browsing through, click the “All Campaigns” report under Acquisition and filter for your remarketing campaigns. Then, set your secondary dimension to “Affinity Category.” The affinity categories allow you to keep track of visitors who are most likely not interested in your product.

Lastly, embrace the positive impact your remarketing campaign will have on your website. Eliminating the waste will benefit you in the long run by increasing your click-through-rate and overall website performance. Here at DOM360, we can help you get on the right track in order to gain more conversions.

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