NADA Releases Guide for Federal Advertising Standards

The federal government has stringent requirements for dealerships when it comes to advertising. Luckily, the National Automobile Dealers Association has published a thorough and clear guide to aid dealerships in making sure their advertising is compliant with federal standards.

The guide comes as a PDF entitled “A Dealer Guide to Federal Advertising Requirements”, providing examples of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ ads. According to an NADA press release, the guide features “chapters on 41 different federal advertising topics, such as the use of discount claims, e-mail advertising, green marketing claims, Internet advertising, satisfaction guarantees and trigger terms. Readers can access the content quickly by clicking the hyperlinked topics in the table of contents page in the PDF document.”

NADA chairman Forrest McConnell remarks, “The guide is user friendly and is a valuable resource for the entire auto industry. We are encouraging dealers to provide the publication to their advertising agencies, manufacturers, finance companies and others involved in advertising operations.”

Violating the standards set by the federal government when it comes to your advertising can result in fines of $60,000 to $120,000. We encourage any of our clients or prospective clients to consult this guide, which you can find on the website. It will protect you from inadvertent mistakes and debilitating fines, as well as violating your customers’ trust.

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