Are Your Online Reviews Hurting Your SEO?

Traditionally, when most people think about their SEO, they consider their page rankings and keyword optimization. But as SEO continues to become more complex and user-focused, even more factors have entered the arena.

Recently, Search Engine Land ran an article detailing the impacts that negative (and positive) online reviews and ratings can have on your SEO endeavors — and we’ve got the breakdown for you here!

When you get down to the nitty-gritty, one fact remains consistent: online reputation matters. Consumers have grown from taking recommendations from friends and family to scouring the web for opinions, reviews and reputations for the products and services they consider purchasing in nearly every vertical.

For businesses, this means that in addition to offering quality products or services, they must also offer quality customer service, as well as other features that their customers will appreciate and share with their Internet constituents.

Search Engine Land begins by recommending a company creates and maintains a review or testimonial page on their site. By creating a page like this, you can offer current and potential customers a simple way to learn about the experiences others have had at your dealership. Plus, creating a page like this helps you rank for Internet searches the revolve around customers seeking reviews for your business.

Another important factor regarding SEO and potential customers involves carefully curated online listings. Don’t misunderstand us, though. In a recent blog post, we discussed whether or not your brand should be on every social media site, and the short answer is no. However, you should make sure you’re on the sites and listings your customers use the most, and those sites need to be regularly updated. All of your local listing information (address, phone numbers, URL, etc.) should be correct and consistent, and you should be providing relevant, timely information. In addition to commonly considered social sites like Facebook and Twitter, this also includes sites like Yelp, and more.

Lastly, Search Engine Land recommends that you solicit reviews actively. Every time someone makes a purchase at your dealership, hand them an iPad with a review form or send them an email asking for their opinion on their most recent visit. Similarly, give Glassdoor a try. Ask your employees to rate their experience of being an employee at your business. Every review won’t be perfect, but it’ll give you ideas on how to improve your business and create an online presence — especially if you’re hiring.

At the end of the day, reputation management remains an important factor in your SEO efforts. Whether you have good reviews or not, your customers will find them. Your job is to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. If you have any questions about reputation management and the best way to implement it for your dealership, contact your Account Executive directly for personalized help and information.

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