Every year, many of the industry's best and brightest come together for NADA's convention. For 2017, DOM360 sent a team to check out what's going on and meet with clients who were also attending.


Here are our three key takeaways:


1. Data-driven advertising will take a front seat going forward

Most likely buyers, hottest leads, in-market shoppers, auto intenders -- you've heard the terms, but what do they actually mean for your business? This year, third-party data will become a key way for dealers to get the advantage over their competition. Through independent studies, companies are able to more accurately pinpoint who's likely to purchase in your area so you can target your advertising dollars most effectively.


2. Visitor Count, Bounce Rate, Time on Site…? Well, that's a start!

As technology continues to advance, we're developing more precise ways of measuring and understanding how your advertising tactics are influencing your digital and showroom traffic. Because of this, understanding correlations and consumer actions will play a large part in future advertising strategies to optimize ROI.


3. "WOW, there was a lot of stuff"

There are countless options, strategies and technologies available in the industry, all offered by a staggering amount of third-party vendors. However, that doesn't mean they're all created equal. Be sure to vet each new vendor and product with your marketing partners so you can identify who the best players are.


If you are interested in learning more about how you could be analyzing your own data, feel free to call us at 864-248-0886, email Success@dom360.com, or contact your Account Executive for more information.