Must-Have Automotive Technology In 2016

What will be the must-have automotive technologies in 2016? Autotrader has put together a list of what they think the most in-demand technology will be when customers are shopping for a new vehicle.

The list includes:

Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual: As written media becomes more digital, why not your owner’s manual? Instead of flipping through a physical book and relying on diagrams and brief instructions, now you can see detailed videos and guides to help you through whatever issue you’re facing. Using your smartphone or tablet can unlock the answers you need with visual accompaniment that will shorten the time it takes to solve the problem.

LED Headlights: Not only are they a great value, but they will improve safety on the road. The bulbs will burn for an indefinite period of time, saving you money replacing burned out headlight bulbs. The improved clarity offered by the more powerful bulbs will keep you safe on dark roads.

Smartphone Vehicle Management: Ever forget where you parked the car? Locating your vehicle is just one of the things you’ll be able to do with smartphone vehicle management. Technology is rapidly becoming available that will let you do much more with your phone, including starting your car and getting report cards on your car’s health. As autonomous cars become closer to reality, smartphones will have more and more of a role in making your car do almost anything.

These are just a few of the technologies that could be most in-demand in 2016. Automotive technology should be a big part of your marketing message in the new year. For help delivering that message, call us at DOM360. Our cutting-edge technology will ensure that you reach the most car buyers possible, and deliver your message in a way they will want to hear.

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