Mobile browsing has a big impact

A recent study found that most Americans prefer to look up business information using a mobile browser rather than an app or map.

Since 2013, mobile sites have grown significantly, creating a big impact on businesses whose sites are not yet mobile-friendly. One of the most interesting takeaway points from a survey done by BrightLocal including 900 U.S. consumers is that more people use a mobile browser rather than apps or even maps to find local business information.

More Americans are likely to contact a business if they have a mobile-optimized site, and they prefer using a mobile internet browser to obtain a business’ phone number, address and/or contact information.

The number of people who have never used a mobile browser, compared to 2013, has decreased by 16 percent. Realistically, the rise of smartphones has lead to this shift in dynamics. As smartphones continue to improve, browsing via mobile will continue to rise because it leads to simple, quick results, according to this survey.

Google and Bing’s latest algorithm updates have also played a big part in this transition by favoring sites that are mobile-friendly during mobile browser searches. Going forward, user experiences on mobile devices will continue to have an increased impact on how sites rank, which means that not having a responsive site will no longer be an option.

On the automotive front, the amount of people who search for dealerships using a mobile browser has increased 15 percent since 2013. Most of these searches involve locating a dealership’s address. Businesses that don’t have a map, address or phone number on their mobile site saw their numbers decrease greatly, as it turns potential customers away.

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