The Car Biz: We Know and Love It. Now We are Showing It

We're excited to announce the launch of our brand-new site, an embodiment of our passion for the automotive industry. In addition to pushing this passion to the forefront of our web presence, we also sought to create a more user-friendly way for visitors to learn about the services and solutions DOM360 provides. This new platform allows our partners easy access to everything they need to interact with us and fuel their success. From access to Contology, our proprietary online web management platform, to links to our social media platforms, it's never been easier manage your business and engage with DOM360. We hope you love this new site as much as we do!

5 Things to Consider when Marketing to Millennials

Millennials have come of age and are now a primary target group for marketers. Now in their twenties and thirties, Millennials make up a huge percentage of consumers. As this demographic has aged, researchers and economists have been able to observe their consumption, resulting in a much clearer understanding of how Millennials think. We've assembled a few key points to remember when targeting Millennials as consumers. Many of these points can also be applied on a larger scale, though, and are good to keep in mind with other target groups as well. 1) Millennials do their homework. Research has shown that Millennials aren't as quick to buy products they've just heard of. Instead, they prefer to make informed decisions on their purchases, particularly for big ones. A great strategy for addressing this would be to…

2018 Automotive Releases We’re Excited About

We're excited to announce some of our new favorite vehicles for 2018. Soon you're going to have to start writing "2018." The new year is just around the corner, and that means you're about to see an influx of "new year, new me" posts, a rise in gym memberships and a hopefulness that comes with new beginnings. But that also means that many new 2018 vehicles are here and even more are on the way! With each new model year comes new technology, upgraded interiors and more powerful engines for just about every vehicle continuing its contract into the next year. However, there are certain vehicles that have been completely redesigned or are a completely new creation. While there is a certain hype surrounding each of these vehicles, here at DOM360, we have chosen to…

Instagram Etiquette: Tips & Tricks

Sharing someone else’s photo Tag the source account in the caption AND the photo. Between new followers, likes and comments, it’s easy for your caption tag to get lost in someone’s notifications. However, if you tag the source account in the photo as well, it won’t be overlooked. This is not only courteous, but it also helps you get noticed! Also, it is bad taste to edit the original shared photo. If the image doesn’t fit the look of your feed, then find another that does and credit the author accurately. Spread it out. Even if you are properly crediting your sources, you still need a healthy mix of original content. Your posts should follow the 60/40 rule, 60% your own content, 40% regrams (at most). Pinterest is not a source for photos. This is…

Available Now: IP Matchback

The most mainstream tactic for targeting consumers that visit your site is running a remarketing campaign through Google Adwords. But appealing to these prospects aside from their computer screen or cell phone offers even more opportunities for you to capture sales, and that's where IP Matchback comes into play. The concept may seem simple: someone visits your site, and they receive a direct mail piece as soon as 48 hours later. However, the way we're able to achieve this with little to no effort from you involves a little more behind-the-scenes action than you may think.   Here's the basic rundown:   First, a potential customer visits your site. During this browsing session their IP address is tagged and downloaded later that evening. Once daily, all of these IP addresses that have been downloaded and…

Life, Liberty and Happiness

Recently, we produced a television commercial for our client Big 'O' Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram to demonstrate their patriotic vibe. The commercial stays true to what Big ‘O’ stands for, and their American values flow throughout the spot just like the flag above their dealership. Together, the creative team created a concept around a core American phrase and incorporated specific vehicles to symbolize the life, liberty and happiness concept.   With the help of in-house employees providing their acting skills, we were able to take the spot to the next level of production and deliver a quality commercial for an incredible value. The end result came together perfectly, and we’re extremely excited to share the final product. Check it out for yourself!

Meet Our People: Kendra Spangler

Before working for DOM360, you were previously at a different auto agency. What is it that you like the most about working in the automotive industry? I really enjoy the fast paced nature of the automotive industry. Even though the structure of each month is the same (incentives, homepage slides and specials, parts and service specials, broadcast on air etc.) no two days are alike, and there is never a dull moment. Has marketing always been your passion? If so, why? Marketing has been my passion during my adult years. I love being on the account side of marketing and advertising because you get to touch all the pieces - creative, media, analytics, building relations with clients, project management and production. Other than be an account executive, what are your other interests outside of work?…

DOM360 Hands On Greenville 2017

DOM360 employees joined together on Saturday, May 6th, to participate in the annual Greenville community service event called “Hands On Greenville” (aka HOG Day).  Our assigned project was preparing “7th Inning Splash”, Greenville’s public water park, for its opening season.  The team scrubbed the pool, restrooms and canteen, waxed totems, pulled/sprayed weeds, spread mulch, hung signs, and anything else asked by the management of the park.  Afterwards, the company treated employees to lunch in downtown Greenville.  This was our second year participating, and employees had a great time!  We look forward to participating again in 2018.

3 Innovative Approaches to Fuel Dealership Business in 2017

Dealership Marketing has changed rapidly in the last 10 years. After several decades of using the same media channels dealerships now have endless ways to drive shoppers to their showrooms. The key for dealers is refocusing their efforts on branding the business to appeal to broader audiences and on leveraging different types of innovative marketing tactics. Car shoppers are more interested in social media than ever before and they often times pay just as much attention to dealer social channels as they do to dealership websites. At DOM360 we are leveraging new and innovative tools to drive sales for our dealers. Here are three approaches that can help your dealership thrive in the age of social media and today’s highly competitive market. Consistent Branding To this day most dealerships focus their marketing dollars towards promoting their…

DOM360 Team is 2017 Greenville AAF Dodgeball Winner!!!

We won! The 2017 DOM360 Dodgeball Team brought home the 1st Place trophy! That’s right – we kicked major a*#!  The DOM360 team competed in the second annual Greenville AAF Dodgeball Tournament on May 11, 2017.  There were 10 teams participating from local and national advertising agencies, and the DOM360 team prevailed, sweeping the competition by winning 6 straight matches to bring home the gold!  Congratulations to our team members:  Thomas Ballard, Captain; Victoria Carter; Adrian Meadows; Andy Kimbrell; Jon Nichols; and Jason McArt. 

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