Lexus to Offer Service On-the-Go

You have a fever, and your head is stuffy. You have body aches, and it’s hard to get out of bed.

We’ve all been there before. The last thing you feel like doing is getting in the car and driving to the doctor. How nice would it be if your doctor could diagnose your sickness without the hassle of leaving the comfort of your house?

Lexus took that concept and applied that to their vehicles. This month, the all-new Lexus Enform Service Connect was unveiled.

Available on 2016 Lexus models, the service provides information on everything from a vehicle’s fuel level and mileage to maintenance alerts. If customers see a warning light flash on their instrument panel, they can simply have their dealer enter the Lexus model’s VIN number into the service portal and the dealer can look up the specific issue without the customer having to come to the dealership.

It’ll send Vehicle Health Reports to both the customer and their dealer, allowing them to service the customer and provide certain diagnostics like never before, all without having to stop into the dealership.

Some of this technology sounds like what Tesla revealed earlier this year for their Model S. The service will be different from the one that Tesla Motors provides, unable to allow over-the-air software updates. But, Lexus hopes that this is another big move to offer customers increased convenience and value.

“I think this is the progression of what’s expected from a luxury brand in particular,” Brian Bolain, marketing manager for Lexus, told Automotive News at the recent press launch for the 2016 RX crossover. “There’s just the expectation that you’re being cared for.”

For those that might view the technology as invasive, it’s optional. It’s free for the first year, then $139 for a one-year subscription.  


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