Three Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is a critical aspect of any business. Auto dealers know this better than members of almost any other industry. Keeping the customer happy will in turn keep your dealership happy, healthy, and thriving. J.D. Power and Associates conducted a study to find three key things dealerships can improve upon to increase customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction was measured on a 1,000 point scale and yielded the following results:

Price information presented to the customer in the form of a computer print-out resulted in an increase in satisfaction of 45 points. “Dealers should learn to move off their legacy formats for presenting price information,” said Mike Battaglia, director of auto retail for J.D. Power. This means no more hand-written offer sheets being presented to the customer. The time taken to type up an offer sheet will be worth it to earn that increase in satisfaction.

Customers also were found to prefer having as few points of contact as possible during the purchasing process.

Once they have started to interact with a salesperson, they greatly prefer for that person to be their guide for the rest of the transaction. Having a one-person sales team handle the interaction resulted in a 39 point bump in satisfaction.

Customers are usually not looking to spend an exorbitant amount of time running errands around town, which includes car shopping.  The quicker they can get into the dealership and exit with a new car, the happier they will be.

“The longer I spend at a dealership buying a car the less satisfied I become.  The difference between buying a car in two hours or less versus five hours, which is not uncommon, is 78 points on a 1,000-point scale,” Battaglia said.

These tweaks may sound simple, but they can be of vital importance to your dealership.

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