Google reportedly testing images for mobile search

Online search news outlets including Search Engine Land are reporting that Google is currently testing a new feature for mobile search results: images alongside results entries.

According to sources, Google began testing this functionality a few months ago. But while last year’s tests had images populating to the right of search engine results, this new format places them immediately to the left of entries.

Apparently this new feature has not been completely rolled out, since these images only display on select devices currently, but if Google can refine the tactic so that users across all devices have a positive experience and benefit from this addition, it’s likely to go live for everyone.

While adding images to mobile search results pages may seem like a small development on the search engine front, it does point to one important fact: more and more, people are favoring mobile devices for their internet use and, therefore, Google favors mobile as well.

Now more than ever, it has become a necessity for everyone on the Web to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized. Plus, a few good pictures wouldn’t hurt.

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