Proof of your hole-in-one

The hardest part about getting a hole-in-one may not be sinking the shot. It may be getting your buddies to believe you afterwards. But golf courses can now utilize new technology that could provide all the proof you need.

Digital Golf Technologies, an Illinois-based company, launched in January with plans to bring innovative technology to the game of golf. The company places High-Definition cameras on courses to monitor holes for potential aces. The cameras provide a live video stream to the clubhouse where employees can monitor play. The video can also be streamed to the pro shop so other players can watch the action.

Digital Golf Technologies was created to allow golf courses lower tournament and hole-in-one contest expenses by reducing the amount of time and man hours needed to monitor holes. By monitoring designated holes with two to four cameras each, courses can more easily afford to run hole-in-one promotions. Plus, since Digital Golf Technologies handles the payout when a contestant wins, courses no longer have to worry about costly insurance for payouts.

Additionally, since this technology takes the strain off courses to monitor their grounds, courses can offer these incentives all day, every day, rather than promoting one-time contests or tournaments. Courses can choose to run ongoing hole-in-one contests for all players or offer a membership program for their “Hole-in-One Club”  for those who wish to join. As an added bonus, winners are not only treated to prize money, but an HD video of their winning shot, as well.

“A lot of the golf industry is looking for ways to innovate and drive more interest and excitement in the game,” Eric Hoersten, co-founder and CEO of Digital Golf Technologies, told the Chicago Tribune. “We’re not increasing the size of the hole or reducing the yardage on a course. We enhance the game instead of changing the traditions of the game.”

The company’s website currently lists almost a dozen courses using the technology, with many more likely on the horizon.

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