Are Facebook’s Algorithms Powerful Enough to Kill YouTube?

As Facebook continues to gain momentum, its algorithms are only getting more powerful. If being the dominant social media site isn’t enough, Facebook may also be leveraging its algorithms to help kill YouTube — or steal most of its audience.

According to Pando.com, Facebook’s video views last year jumped from one billion a day to four billion a day. While YouTube is still holding its lead with eight billion viewers, Facebook’s rapid growth should concern the reigning video king. However, it’s not just Facebook that YouTube should keep an eye on. Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr and Vessel are also experimenting with video platforms to increase their viewing rate as well.

The success behind Facebook’s rapid climb comes from its introduction of autoplay videos on mobile devices. Now, when you’re skimming through your news feed, videos will automatically play without any pre-roll or advertisements, which leads to more viewers per native video than YouTube. As a result, more users have begun to upload videos directly to the site, avoiding all the distracting ads and click throughs that are commonly found on YouTube.

Because of Facebook’s simpler video user experience, additional statistics from Pando.com tell us that 70 percent of the videos on Facebook are uploaded directly to the site instead of through a third party, which is a 25 percent increase from last year.

We don’t know what the future will hold regarding Facebook and its rise to power. What we do know is that Facebook’s algorithms are extremely powerful, and it may not be long before it dominates every social media distribution channel in the world.

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