Email Marketing on Mobile

Smartphone and tablet users represent a massive part of all email interactions and revenue. These mobile devices are accounting for higher percentages of email open rates each day.

Litmus Email Analytics collected data on open rates of 1.02 billion emails in June 2015 for the top 10 email clients. The Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android all earn spots in the top five, proving the importance of mobile when it comes to email marketing.

The full breakdown:



With more people accessing information on mobile devices than ever before, companies are rushing to cater their marketing efforts toward smartphone users. “Going mobile” isn’t just a matter of adding a little here and there to your website and marketing campaigns.

Compelling content and a mobile-friendly design is a necessity. Emails should render beautifully across all mobile devices to give leads and conversions the best fighting chance.

According to the Radicati Group’s “Email Statistics Report,” by 2018, 80% of email users are expected to access their email accounts via a mobile device.

Desktop opens are declining in a mobile world. Let’s talk best practices for email marketing:

-Use short and direct subject lines

-Have a fluid and mobile-friendly design sized to minimize the need to pinch in and out

-Use a clear call-to-action button with space around them for easy pressing

-Avoid hard to read fonts

-Avoid spam trigger words

-Avoid red and other brightly colored text

–Use 16-18 pixel font sizes for ease of reading on smartphones

-Use images with alt tags

-Outline the offer with a one-liner pre-header

-Avoid horizontal scrolling and limit the amount of vertical scrolling

Playing by the rules above will help you stay out of spam folders. These tips will help improve delivery and the campaign performance. Sending users to a mobile-friendly and effective landing page is equally important in order to reinforce the brand and the offer.

Tapping into email can boost your customer loyalty, in addition to driving traffic to your website and leading to more conversions and sales.

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